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Kanjani∞ ☂ Kanjani∞
I made a trip to the Nagoya Johnny's Shop last week and decided to make walking and photo directions since the location has changed recently.

Click here~
My best friend and I are going to Little Tokyo on Tuesday, and a while ago I heard that there was a shop there that sold JE goods. So, does anyone know what the store name is and if it is still there?
19th-Feb-2011 01:54 am - Learn JE jpop dance
Name of store: Jpop dance class
Address: Dance on Us (Orchard)
City: Singapore
Directions: Nearest MRT: Orchard (Shaw Centre exit)
Next to The American Club; in between HSBC Bank and The American Club along Claymore Hill Road, near Shaw Centre.Directly behind DFS Building & Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel on Scotts Road. Right next to the carpark of Royal Plaza on Scotts Hotel.

Great news for fans of J-pop music, let's groove and dance with your favourite JE group music in our J-pop classes!Beginners are welcome; we start with easy steps and catch up real choreography as well.

The J-pop Dance Class will be held once a week every Saturday, by an energetic and Japanese dance instructor MEG, who has a rich experience performing for hiphop, jazz for many years.

Date : Every Saturday
Time : 3:30-4:30pm

If you are interested, please send an email to meg-dance.sg@hotmail.com with the title including the following details (COMPULSORY):
Name/ Race/ Gender/ Occupation/ Tel. No./ Email Address

Come join us today!

Dance instructor introduction: MEG
Dancing since the age of 3, MEG was introduced to the world of ballet in the early years of her childhood.

At age 16, she discovered a brand new dance groove and gradually fell in love with it - Hip hop & Jazz through Amuro Namie, SPEED, trf etc. Since she came to Singapore 2007, she has participated in many stages and competition such as LIME dance audition, SAFRA show, HTC mobile promotion event, SCAPE opening event, 1 or 8 Fiction dance battle, also be in charged of choreography for Bachelor Party 2010 by CLEO magazine.
sho nya!

Hi I'm going to pi's con on the 29th of January and since I'll be there, I was thinking I coils help people buy his concert goods since I'll buy them myself but the thing is that I dont know the prices since this is the first stop but I'm guessing that it wouldnt be too expensive >< I hope if any one knows the prices please tell me
I will charge 5 usd fees regardless of how much you buy
Also, I will charge for shipping AFTER I have bought the items so there will be two payments

As for the list of items and prices, I will keep an eye out for it

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8th-Jan-2011 08:41 pm - Book Off: Vancouver, BC, Canada
kame dorky
Name of store: Book Off 
Address: 636 Hornby Street, Vancouver, BC, V6C 2G2
City: Vancouver
State/province/etc.: ritish Columbia
Country: Canada

It's really easy to get there :)
-Take the west-bound skytrain to the Burrard Station
-Exit on Burrard street (duh) and walk the few seconds to the Burrard/Dunsmuir crosswalk
-Cross the street and continue walking down Dunsmiur until you reach Hornby Street (one block)
-By then, you'll be able too see the shop if you look down your right in Hornby. It's really noticable because of their yellow sign board :)
-Just cross the street and walk towards it. It won't even be five minutes since you got off the train~

Book Off is actually a big-named chain bookstore in Japan. Even though they are famous in Japan, they don't come close to that level in the cities they have their other branch stores abroad (well maybe in Korea, but I'm not so sure). :P

I go there everytime I go to Vancouver ever since i found out about it :)
I live in Victoria, which is a bum since there are NO japanese media shops here ;__;, and i find it great there ♥ at least it's generally cheeper than if you order it online :P

Well, this store basically a Japanese used bookstore that also sells lots of new stuff in their original packaging, and most of the time, for a cheeper price! Almost everytime I went there, they were doing a sale! I don't know if I was just lucky, but I went there in different times of the year and there were sales going on. 
They sell lot's of CD Singles, Albums, Video Games, and DVDs too, not just magazines and books.
I bought stuff like Johnny's LE albums for around the original converted Japanese price, but keep in mind that I also bought LE albums for only $8-10 during their many sales! 
The magazines (WinkUp, Duet, Potato, Myojo, Fine Boys, etc.) are a bit higher in price, however. Well actually, twice the price of the Japanese sales price. Like the few-months old magazines I bought ranged from $12-16. The new issue magazines like the Myojo Jan2011 issue I got this December was about the same, $16.  But if you love having hard copies for yourself or if you're a collector, the price wont hinder you as much :)
To compare, it's around the same price if you order it online via Yesasia.

Business Hours: 10:00 to 20:00 - open 7 days a week!
Website http://www.bookoff.co.jp/en/info/kaigai07.html nbsp;

Oh, and there's no parking lot. It's a block away from the sky train, why take a car anyway.

NOTICE: As of summer 2012, BookOff has CLOSED

6th-May-2010 10:19 pm - Idol magazines

Name of store: IrBen Entertainment
1389 Pembina Highway
Country: Canada

Hours: Mon-Sat. 12 noon- 12 midnight; Sun. 12 noon- 11 PM
Telephone: (204) 477-4577
Website: www.facebook.com/group.php

Errr…I can’t remember how I really got there.  I know you can take the 60 or 62 from Downtown and it’ll take you straight there.  You can catch the 60 on Graham and the 62 on Donald. Just go straight down Pembina.  It’s past McGillvray (I only mention that because it’s a street I recognize the name of).  The street after the strip mall where IrBen is found is Kelsey.  The bus stop is a little bit after IrBen (only like 5 seconds so if you see Kelsey or the store, pull the cord).  As most strip malls do there is a big sign with what is included written on it, so you can’t miss it. It'll be on the same side you are traveling on (look to the right).

It’s mostly anime rentals but I was able to find a bunch of magazines as well. There are a few dramas you can rent too.  Korean and Japanese (and maybe Chinese, I’m not sure).  I remember seeing Nana, Hana Yori Dango and others.  I don’t think you can get actual series though, sorry.  They have a small manga collection as well as anime merchandise.  Close to the front there is a magazine rack with magazines such as Myojo, non-no, Seventeen, Popolo and a bunch of others.  I ignored magazines I didn’t recognize (Shoxxx is there for any visual kei fans) so I am not sure if maybe some Johnny’s are in any of the others I ignored (the shop keepers were watching me quite a bit because I was flipping through so many mags to make sure…).  Plus a bunch of anime mags (erotic it seems).  There is also usually a small bin close to the register with a bunch of old/broken magazines that go for 5-10 bucks.  There were a few Men’s non-no in there last time I looked (Okada Junichi).  I’ve only been there twice because each magazine comes to around 20 bucks a piece.  I bought 20 magazines for fewer than 200 bucks.  They have a variety of Japanese snacks there too (my favourite which is some weird apple milk thing) so I always buy some along with my mags (that’s why I can’t exactly say how much the mags are each).  It’s advertised on the front as rentals, animation and asian pop culture so it was a little deceiving.  I actually almost missed the magazine rack until I turned to go back to the door (I’m not into anime anymore).  As far as I can tell they don’t have Wink-Up, Duet or any other idol magazines except Myojo and Popolo.  I am also too shy to ask if they can order any or whether they can order other mags.  Next time I go I intend to get more information.  They had a small bin next to the drinks that had CDs but they didn’t have anyone I really knew except some Miyavi.


As for how quickly they stock….i was there in January I think and I bought everything I could up to the newest they had.  They also showed me the newest Myojo when I came to the register because they noticed how excited I was.  The earliest was February.  Of course once I logged on to LJ scans for the May addition were already up (or April, regardless that was already 3 months away) so I can be pretty certain they stock only the next month’s issue.  I thought the mags were way overpriced but they obviously include the shipping/handling, tariffs, what have you in order to pay for everything to get into the store (as well as make a little profit).  It’s about the same to order from someone online I think after all the shipping and everything is calculated.  The variety is limited (as I’ve stated above) but hey, it’s the only one I’ve found here and I was pretty damn excited I could go at my leisure to grab a mag :D

Based off a review off Google Maps:

Also they will special order just about anything and get it in near record time.

they said this in response to renting/buying anime/asian movies but maybe this could apply for mags as well...again, i am intending to go back to get more information (for myself as well as for this).

2nd-Dec-2009 11:21 pm - Store in Washington State
Name of store: Kinokuniya
Address:In Uwajimaya
City: Seattle, Bellevue, Renton...
State/province/etc.: Washington State
Country: USA
Directions:There are actually multiple stores around the Seattle area. For more information about the stores' locations, please see http://www.uwajimaya.com/locations.html

Description: It is overly priced, so I suggest only looking through their items. I saw a KAT-TUN CD in there once, and it was 33USD. Of the other countries I've been to, you can get it for much cheaper. If you see something you really want, I suggest getting a ticket to Asia, or whereever it is cheaper. However, if you're desperate...well. Buy at your own expense.

Also, they have very limited JE items as their store does not only sell JE. You can preorder, but again, it's really expensive. As far as shipping goes (alone), it is the same price as if you just get it elsewhere.

There really isn't much else to say because they have their own website at www.uwajimaya.com or you could just navigate through by clicking on the location link above.
1st-Jan-2002 06:05 am - Star Time Shop (Indonesia)

Name of store: Ciz no Suu (Star Time Shop)
Address: http://ogawaciz.livejournal.com
City: Jakarta
State/province/etc.: DKI Jakarta
Country: Indonesia
                         Since It's an online store, so you just need to go to the shop's website. Sometimes we open a booth in Japan Festival, and we will always update the location on the website.

                        Ciz no Suu is a Fan's shop in Indonesia. Mostly we create a pre-order project for JE boyband official stuff, Concert Goodies, Photobook, Magazine, Original CD, and Original DVD. Beside that Offical stuff, we also have pre-order for Johnny's Unofficial stuff such us notes, mug, phone strap, t-shirt, hoodie, bag, and others. Didn't found what you want? you can ask us to help you find what you want :)
Because, now ciz no suu also has a service "Ciz no Suu Japan Shopping Service" to help you buy thing from all around the world especially japan.
The price is not expensive, since i we know that most of JE fans in indonesia are students...
So, it's a shop from a fan to fans ^^
Nice to meet you, and see you there :)
24th-Sep-2009 05:21 pm - Johnny's Shop: Johnny's Harajuku
Kamiyama White
Name of store: Johnny's Shop - Johnny's Harajuku (map in Japanese)
Address: 150-0001 Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 1-14-21 Irusariche Biru 1F
City: Tokyo (Harajuku)
State/province/etc.: Tokyo
Country: Japan
Directions: From the platform of Harajuku JR Station, take the Omotesando exit. Keep walking straight until you see a large set of stairs - a pedestrian overpass which crosses the main road. Take the stairs to cross the road. There are two ways down. Take the one going straight. In front of you (slightly to your left,) you will see a down stairway which leads to the Meiji-jingumae (Subway) Station (Exit 3). Beyond it, across the walkway and on the corner to the right, there is a building which has PLAYHOUSE written somewhere on it. To the left of this PLAYHOUSE, is a small path. Follow the path and you will find the Johnny's store to your left as you walk along. (Map in English - I don't own the original. It belongs to Yahoo. I only edited it to make it easier for viewers to understand.) 

IMPORTANT: On days when the store is crowded, people will line up for a distance outside the store. If you see a queue coming from this path, it is quite possibly for Johnny's Harajuku. When it is overly crowded, entrance tickets will be issued and crowds will be filtered into the store slowly by proper staff. During such times you may not enter the store without an entrance ticket. Read more on entrance tickets here (click then scroll down.)

Description: Although this is Tokyo's only official branch in the Johnny's Shop chain, it is the same size if not smaller than the Fukuoka branch. The same process for ordering photos and merchandise is used in this store but there did not appear to be any instructions in languages other than Japanese. If you visit this store, you need to pick up a marking sheet and a pen instore, write in the large box at the top of the page the name of the artist whose photos you want, then mark the number of copies you want beside the number corresponding to the photo you want. There is a small box at the bottom for the grand total number of photos you order. Photos are 150 yen each, (bring sure to bring lots of yen - no credit cards.) Any non-photo merchandise you would like to buy, can be simply picked up and taken to the register. Artist names shouldn't be a problem in English. When you are finished, line up at the registers and present your sheet and/or merchandise (please return the pen too xD). My experience in Fukuoka is that the staff were very good at handling your orders and helping you to check that nothing was amiss by flicking through the photos before you. However, I have heard warnings from Harajuku goers that you should check your order thoroughly before you wander too far. If you just ordered a whole set of something, and not random photos from different groups, I wouldn't worry so much though.

There is a larger quantity of non-photo merchandise available, but it doesn't differ too much from the Fukuoka branch. Items include jumbo uchiwa, mini-uchiwa, ticket holders, calenders, official club magazine folders, penlights, and a couple more items I didn't have time to investigate properly. Although there were uchiwa available for most of the bands there, I was disappointed to find no Arashi uchiwa. My guess is that popular groups do sell out of merchandise quick. While photos are easily reprinted within about ten minutes, the most you can do is ask at the counter for merchandise you can't see. If it's sold out, it will be some time before they get it back in if they do at all.

Johnny's Harajuku is infamous for its big crowds and long lines, however I easily waltzed in at around 4:30 on a Thursday afternoon. Be careful of crowds (and the entrance ticket thing) on weekends, public holidays, school holidays, and days around nearby concerts.

Johnny's Harajuku is open 10:00am to 7:00pm daily. Drop in if your only stop is Tokyo. If not, you might be better off going to one of the other stores (I highly recommend Johnny's Fukuoka.)
Name of store: Japan Bookshop
Address: Kostverlorenhof 12-13
City: Amstelveen
State/province/etc.: Noord-Holland
Country: the Netherlands
Hours: Mon-Sat: 10:00am-6:00pm
Telephone: 020-6799238
Email: japanbooks[at]euronet[dot]nl .

Directions: The bookshop is located in a small mall in Amstelveen. The easiest way to get there is to take the tram from Amsterdam Central (or 'Amsterdam-South', depending where you are). Line 51 headed for 'Westwijk' would be quickest, but line 5 stops there as well. Get off at 'Zonnestein'. Cross the rails on your left as you get off and walk on straight (towards the roundabout). You should be able to see the mall (and the small flower stall next to it) as soon as you get off the tram. Walk into the mall, there's a chemist's right as you walk in, turn to the right (only way to go, really) and you'll notice the bookshop on your left next to a liquor store.

It's also possible to take a bus from Schiphol (Amsterdam) airport, but it's much faster and a much easier and shorter walk to just take the tram.

Description: Like the name of the store says: it's a bookshop. Apart from regular books, of course they sell mangas and I once bought a w-inds. episode book there, I've never seen any Johnny's related episode books though, I think. I'll check if I'm ever there again. They had one of SMAP's cookbooks though.

They sell all kinds of magazines there and if they don't have the magazine of your choice, you can ask the owner to order it for you and they'll give you a call once it comes in. Usually when you buy a magazine there they ask you (at least they always asked me) if you want to order one for the upcoming months as well. I've had a few subscriptions there (Duet and Wink Up, cost me €200,- each a year and they sent it to my home address) and the service has always been great. You can always send them an e-mail for inquiries.

They also sell a small collection of cds. They don't have much and they're really expensive, but if you're hesitant about buying stuff online, this would be your best alternative (if not your only). From time to time they have stuff for sale (I once bought an old TOKIO album there) and they usually have LE's as well.

The bookshop also has DVDs and VHS videos for rent. I've never rented anything there, so I'd have no idea how it works, but I'm sure they'll be willing to explain if you were interested.

The staff speaks Dutch (not sure about English, but they probably do) and Japanese.
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