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Finding goods at local stores near you!

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One-stop directory for anyone looking to buy Johnny's goods at local stores near you!
Ever wondered if, instead of having to buy online all the time, there are actually stores near you that sell Johnny's goods?

Ever visited a foreign country and thought the same thing?

Or maybe you know of a store and would like to help out other fellow fans in their search for Johnny's goods without resorting to a trip to Japan?

You can find all that and more here in this community!

Don't skip over this! Not only are the rules short, they're simple too-- and very important!

★ Post only using the format given below. Do not post requests to find goods in this community! The aim of this community is to create a directory where everyone pitches in with things they already know. If there are no stores posted about for your area of residence, chances are no one in the community knows of any either.
★ If you know of more than one place and would like to share them all, please make separate posts for each store instead of condensing them into a single post; this will keep the community more organized.
★ Check the tags beforehand to see if a store you'd like to add has already been posted; if it has, do not make a new post about the same store. If you have more information or a different shopping experience than the poster, please add your own to the post in a new comment.
★ Once you're done filling the form and all ready to post, please tag it accordingly with the set already provided. If you can't find your location in the existing tags, please use *needs tag instead and it will be added for you as soon as possible.

Any post that breaks the rules will be deleted. If you have any questions, suggestions or concerns, please contact the maintainer directly via PM or email.

When posting, please use the following format:

Name of store:
(if applicable)


Or copy and paste the following code:

How you wish to format your directions and/or descriptions are entirely up to you; feel free to use pointform, paragraph form, whatever you're comfortable with.

To make things easier, here are some suggestions of things you can write about in the description:

- variety (what sorts of merchandise they sell)
- location (which section(s) they can be found in)
- pricing (price ranges for different goods, if they're reasonable or overpriced)
- availability (how often they stock, how quickly they run out, if they do preorders)

There are lots of things you can still add to your post, such as store hours, website URLs, phone numbers, and more!

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